Friday, July 25, 2008


Not much poker action here in bubland. It's been more about me and my wife getting right with each other. I'm an idiot sometimes. Although my idiocy has gotten better over the last couple of years I still do stupid things. Things that hurt my girl. The last thing that I want to do.

The only thing that I could think of to counter that is to get closer to God. That always seems to be the answer to my problems anymore. Although it's silly to think that I can keep God at arm's length it is something I try to do on a frequent basis. I don't think separating myself from God is a very good idea. I seem to do much better when I let his love fill me up inside. When that happens is when I am able to be a loving husband, father, friend and co worker.

Growing is painful. Growing is change. Growing takes time and effort. I'm not the most patient of people. I want to grab a hold of things NOW. God's idea of timely and mine are a little different. He's bigger than me so I generally let Him have His way. Plus He has lightning bolts. I'm not arguing with anyone that has lightning bolts.

Time to sleep. Just wanted to update my little blog. Ciao.


KenP said...

There is that little gremlin that visits us all on occasions and its impossible to know when he showing up. One minute all is well and the next you hurt someone without thought or intent. The only thing that keeps us from those who get their kicks doing it is our regret and resolve. I can't say, "Don't sweat it." because that is what avoids the frequency of such wreckage. You're seeming to be managing that better than most of us these days. Stick with it. Lord know the athletes aren't roll models so I guess it's up to poker players to fill in. Yup, you're starting to look like a roll model. Scary ain't it? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL about the lightning bolts!

God will teach you patience. I am a "gotta have it and gotta have it now" kind of person too. Believe me! You will learn and with it comes wisdom and wisdom is a beautiful thing. Hang in there!

Heidi Reed