Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The streak is over

Well, I didn't make it to the money. Played in the viejas morning tournament. Got down to the final 3 tables though. I had been moved to my last table to the very right of the hugest stack in the tournament. I mean he had me outchipped probably 20 to 1 when I sat down. I doubled through him once but I wasn't so lucky the second time. I picked up 4-4. I pooshed. He called with A-K. He hit K on the flop. No help on the turn or river and I am el finito. Oh well.

What's my next move? Head over to the 3-6 limit table for a little limit cash action. Good thing too. I played nice and tight. I guess it would be a TAG that I was playing. I only got called down once and it was with the nuts flush. After that I got called to the turn a couple of times before people would fold to my turn bets. I played good position as well. The key hand as far as it being a winning session was this. It was a kill pot (which makes the game a 6/12 hand) and after a couple of calls I look down to find A-J. I'm one or two to the left of the button and I 2-bet it. One of the guys behind me calls and then the original caller raise all in with 3 more chips. The 3 of us left in the pot all call and the flop comes A-J-x. Checked to me, I bet (slightly afraid of a flush draw) and get called by the 2 guys that still have chips. Another rag on the turn, checked to me I bet out my 12 chips and both guys fold behind me. It's a showdown between me and the all-in. I turn over my A-J and he mucks it before the river is even dealt. It was a nice pot, more than doubled up my buy in. I hung out for a couple of more hands and then racked up my chips and went home to fight another day.

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