Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been awhile

Ahem. Clearing my throat. I haven't really spoken in awhile on here. It's so much easier to state where I'm at in 140 characters or less. I have a little U2 going on the Pandora and I'm coffeed up. I should be working but I don't really feel like working today. I have to get Grace at 11:55am and would rather hang out and write this and then get her later.

What's been happening? I know it's been awhile. To start off, things have been a little tough. We had to find a more economical placeto live. We found another place in La Mesa. It's actually a way cooler and more affordable place for us. A lot smaller but I don't really mind that.

Work is good. They are remodeling our store so it's a little dusty and dirty but besides that it's been kinda cool watching how they change a store around. It's looking great. I'm also working back at The Pen Guys (the job I am not at this morning) slinging pens. I'm struggling a bit there but it's not as imperative that I make a bunch of money there.

Letty and I have been kinda at each other's throats this month. It's been a very difficult time for us. We are both prideful people and have a hard time letting things go. We have different ways of dealing with things and sometimes that leads us to clashing over things. I'm much more of a get out in the open talk about it kinda guy and she is more of a keep it at home and let it stay there kinda girl. That's another reason why I haven't been blogging much or even tweeting some of the things that have been going on.

And I'm still not. Next week. For sure. I will tell you what is up. It has nothing to do with drinking or drugging or anything like that. Just things that I guess I still can't talk about. Sigh. I'm kinda sad right now. Pray for me, will ya?