Friday, August 31, 2007


I got tagged by Carmen so here goes:

THE RULES: Elaborate on the words below.

Accent – A seasoning that my mom used to throw on everything we ate when we were kids.

I Don't Drink – Alcohol. For 2 and 1/2 long, bitter years. LOL. Just kidding. About the long and bitter part.

Chore I Hate – Emptying the bailer at work. It's just a pain in the ass and cuts deep into my time. I am sneaky and wait to bring my cardboard back when I know it has been recently emptied. Also car washing. Though I'm getting better at it.

Pets – German Shepards. Those were our pets when we were kids. I loved them. I still do, just not enough room for them in my apartment. My new love (that I do want) is a chihuahua. My girl's parents have one named Paloma that after I got to know her is just an awesome little snuggle buddy.

Essential Electronic – Hmmm, one that I couldn't live without? Probably the computer. I love to learn about different people and cultures so it's great for that. I would be naked without my cell phone though.

Gold or silver – Gold is 1st place baby!

Insomnia – A really wrenching movie with Al Pacino. Get some sleep! Oh, I work graveyard so this is a little insomnia inspiring.

Job Title – Senior Account Executive. That was my fancy schmancy title for 15 years. It translates in to human as Sales guy.

Most Admired Trait – I think my sense of humor. I can be pretty funny once you get to know me. Also my coolness under pressure. Oh, and I can type 60 wpm. That's pretty awesome.

Kids- No more Please! I already have Rachel, Kassie, Bekah, Grace, and James Landon. Plus my beautiful grandson Jeremiah!

Religion – Open minded christian. Baseball and football also. Go Pads and Chargers! Oh, and go Jesus too! LOL

Siblings – One beautiful sister that is 18 months apart from me. Loves me through all of my bullshit in my younger days.

Time I wake up – Work days between 3 and 5pm. Days off I am an early riser about 6 am. I don't want to miss anything!

Unusual talent/skill – I remember everything someone does or says.

Worst habit – Hmmmm, nowadays? Probably the internet.

X-rays – I always wanted a pair of those x-ray glasses that they used to advertise in comic books when I was a kid. What a pervert, huh?

My favorite meal – Wow, this is a tough one. I'm not very fancy. I LOVE Filippi's Pizza in Little Italy here in San Diego. With an antipasta salad. Hold the wine, just a coke please. Also prime rib. Anywhere. Las Vegas on the cheap especially.

There you have it. I don't know who else to tag since I don't have any regular readers. How about 4dbirds since Carmen already got jusdealem.


jusdealem said...

Good answers! Don't you just love these meme things? LOL

C.J. said...

Hey Bub,
Just thought I'd visit you on your page. I really appreciate the fact that you read my stuff. Your comments are encouraging. God Bless!