Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Move along...

There's nothing to see here. Haven't been able to muster much except dragging my ass to work every night. One thing I have realized in the last couple of years of realizing things about myself is that I am really manic. I get a lot accomplished and am very creative during these times, but when they are over they are over.

I haven't been even playing online. I've been sleeping a lot. My waking hours have been consumed by my blog reading, myspace visiting, and watching TV with my baby. I'm going to my NA meeting tonight. I wonder if blogging about being an NA member is a direct conflict with the traditions. Probably. Oops. It's the first meeting I have gone to in a couple of weeks. To be honest, I only go to ONE meeting a week. If I miss it then I am done till the next week. I did go to church on Friday. I dug it as always, The music was good and Pastor Ed had a great message as always. I wish that guy had a blog.

Tomorrow, my baby and I are revisiting Viejas for some bingo play. She loves it, I love doing things with her that she loves. I would never admit to actually liking bingo on here, I wouldn't want to be excommunicated from the poker blogger world. OK, the WSOP 2007 is coming on. Lates.

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jusdealem said...

Hope the NA meeting went well. I tried to watch the WSOP last night, but Phil Hellmuth was really getting on my nerves. I used to like the guy, but he's become way over the top annoying.