Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Viejas limit tourney

What a fancy title huh? That's the excitement I felt today for this tournament. First, I arrive at
Viejas about two minutes too late to qualify for the tourney promo. There's also no room at the $3-$6 table which leaves me in the inevitable quandary of having to sit in a casino for an hour and fifteen minutes without playing a machine. Yeah, right. Actually after playing for that hour and fifteen minutes I broke even which is a win for me.

the tournament started and about 3 hands in, I catch J-J in the bb. I raise and the 3 limpers that were ahead of me all called. Flop comes A-X-X rainbow I believe. I bet out, get called by the guy to my left and the other two fold. the turn is a K. Now I'm a little scared, two overcards on the board. I bet out and again I get called. The river is a deuce, I bet out again and he calls. Q_Q! I was thinking right there it wasn't going to be my day. It's a bounty tournament so later on with A-Qo I raise, the guy to my left raises all in and the guy directly to my right re-raises all in. I call the guy on my left has 10-10 and wins the pot when no one's hand improves. It leaves me with 500 in chips and the blinds are at 200-400. Blah. Next hand I'm UTG and push with my q-8 of spades. I get 3 callers. The flop comes 3-4-5 of spades. Whoo-hooo! I am back in business I think and confidently show my concealed hand (there was still 2 guys playing) to the guy next to me. Turn comes another spade. Not so good. The river I can't remember. Anyway the first guy bets and the second guy calls for the side pot. Dude flips over 2-6 of spades. My side of the table only notices smaller hole cards and thinks I have the pot. I actually got the dealer to hand me the chips before the guy and his side of the table flip out saying he has the straight flush. I hand the chips back to the dealer, I think a "hee' haw" escaped my lips, I tucked my ears and pinned on tail back in my hat and pants respectively, and made a beeline for the exit. I did apologize to the guy on my way out. What a donkey. The dealer AND me.

Thank God tonight is bingo night with my baby. There's no beats in bingo. A lot of friendly Mexicans though. Every time we go to play, we sit down next to a different Mexican family who like to help us play. What's that all about? Maybe because Letty picks the seat. As a matter of fact, Letty was mad last time we played because a white older lady wanted to hog a whole table to herself. She basically kicked my baby off the table. I was busy buying our cards. When I came back, I don't know what happened, Letty says it was because I was a guero. She started chatting me and Letty up the rest of the night. Bingo is a strange business. I like the idea of winning $1,000 bucks though.

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