Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Home Alone! (Kinda)

My poker playing as of late has sucked. I've lost 80% of my bankroll in the last week. Pretty soon I'm sure that I will be felted. Oh well. I'm giving it the good fight. I have been playing a lot of no limit lately and been getting my money in with the better hands but keep getting sucked out on. Sigh. That's part of the game I guess.

In life news we had a full house this weekend. Letty's parents and one of her brothers came down for labor day weekend. Plus Letty's granddaughter was here for most of the weekend. This means little sleep for me as the parents get our room and I get one of the kid's beds to try and sleep in during the day with everyone running around crazy. Missed church on Friday, I was too tired to get rolling. I'm a little grumpy the last few days. I've been real short with Letty which isn't my normal self. So many things going on around here that I think we have both been a little stressed out.

The in-laws went home Monday afternoon. Tuesday Letty, her oldest daughter, the kids, and her sister were supposed to go to L.A. Koshe(oldest daughter) is taking her cosmetology state license exam this week. She thought on Wednesday, but it was actually Thursday which threw everyone off. Letty's sister who was to be Koshe's model had to take an extra day off. She wasn't happy. So they had a false start. They left again this morning and won't be back until tomorrow evening. Tio Roberto is still here but he is so quiet, just napping in the living room watching T.V.

It's so quiet in here. A rarity. I look forward to it then when I'm alone I miss them. The whole loud, Spanish speaking, children screaming lot of them.

Didn't make it to my meeting last night either. I fell asleep at 5pm and didn't wake up until 2 in the morning. One of the hazards of working overnights. Sometimes I get home and can't fall asleep until the afternoon. I missed my meeting and the padres getting clobbered by the D-backs. OK, I think it's my time to nap. I will set my alarm so I can see my padres take the rubber game of the series.


Laura Bora from Bufadora said...

I hear ya with the wishing you could be alone with PEACE AND QUIET and then when you get it -- you miss them.

Fingers crossed for Koshe!

4dbirds said...

I am so behind, I finally linked ya. Anyway, how did the cosmetology exam go?