Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Words #10?

Let's see, where to begin? I'm not sure. I'm a little pooped right now. I picked up another job. I don't know if picked up is the right words. More along the lines of went back. I went back to the place I used to manage as a sales person for six hours a day Monday through Friday. It was somewhat humbling but everyone was cool with me so there wasn't any major hassles. It's just getting used to working 70 hours a week (although 30 of them aren't physically hard, just mentally). Doesn't leave much time for poker playing or blogging though.

Hardly any reading either. Sorry if I haven't been by your blog in a few days. It's really hard for me to even want to look at the computer screen when I know I should be sleeping. Hopefully I'll only have to do this for a few months until we get past Christmas and all the kid's birthdays.

One thing that I have been reading is Donald Miller's Searching for God Knows What. What an awesome book that is. This guy recommended it to me and it hasn't disappointed. It's confirmed a lot of the things I have been feeling and thinking about God and Jesus but wasn't really finding. Except at Journey (my church) which I think really makes an effort if not to be left of right at least doesn't treat you like a pariah. That's really appreciated.

That's about all from me today. Maybe I will go and look for a SOTW for y'all. Maybe I will just sit here and quietly play my poker tournament. Maybe I will welcome my wife home with open arms and just love on her. Who knows?


Brenda said...

Hey Bub,

Glad to read your new post today. I needed a Bub-fix! Sorry to hear you're having to work so hard. But I definitely understand. You must be incredibly tired. Hope you're feeling healthy. I'll continue to pray for you, Letty, and your family. Hope to see ya around the blogworld again soon. :)

evonn said...

Bub -
I love reading your blog, and will miss your frequent posts, but gosh, you need to get plenty of sleep and rest to energize your body and mind for those 70 hour work weeks! Take care of yourself and I will pray that our Heavenly Father lifts and sustains you during those long days!!

Dog snob said...

Hey, don't forget to breath in the middle of the craziness ;) Oh, and look on the bright side, with all the busyness, you'll be able to appreciate the down time better :)

bub said...

Brenda- Thanks and know that I'm sending those prayers right back at ya.

Evonn- Thanks for all the prayers they sure are working!

Dog Snob- I sure am enjoying the down time. Like-right-this-very-second. LOL