Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Anyone else struggling to stay civil as the election draws near? I know that I have had to hold my tongue (or my fingers) a few times in the last couple of days. Our passions are becoming more inflamed as Election Day fast approaches. Whether you are a democrat or a republican, a liberal or a conservative, things are quickly becoming hot and words noticeably shorter.

Let's face it. We all have our issues. The beliefs and thoughts that define us. Some of this comes from our family. Some from life experience. Some from religious values that we have adopted. I'm sure that my world view as a 40 something, white, recovering addict, lower middle class (I hate to say poor because I think I do the real poor an injustice), Christ following man is much different than a 30 something, black, educated, Muslim woman. Or any of the vagaries in between.

For me, it's not even really an issue of what I believe or who I believe in. The real issue is how do I handle myself with the grace that God would want from me. Do I attack people for not thinking along the same views that I do? Should I let them know that I am horrified that anyone would want us to maintain the status quo? Even that last sentence is a shot that I should probably remove but I won't. I guess that's my humanness showing through.

To those that don't see things the same way that I do here's what I'm going to do. I am going to love you. I am going to turn the other cheek if you strike me even if I want to fire right back at you. I am going to pray for you. Not that you come around to my point of view but that you get whatever it is you are looking for. I'm going to work on the log in my eye and not worry about the splinter in yours. I am going to respect the fact that even brothers and sisters in Christ can disagree.

Why? Because I think that's what Jesus would want of me. I don't think that He needs me to hold others accountable for their actions. He does just fine. I think that those are the things that He asks me to do in The Bible. I think that one of His main messages was to be accountable for MY thoughts and actions and not others. I think that He wants me to be compassionate and merciful. To drop the rock and walk away.

It's sad to me that I even have to write a post like this. I'm only doing it as a reminder to myself that I always need to handle myself in a way that brings glory and honor to my Savior. To make sure that my heart and my mind are always seeking Him first. OK, I'm laughing a little at myself. It's also a post to maybe remind some of my more bellicose Brothers and Sisters what we are really all about. Who am I trying to kid?

Anyways, if you are reading this I just want to let you know that I love you and Christ loves you and because of that I can agree to disagree with you yet still want only good things for you and yours. God bless.


Lorna said...

I hate it when you use big words and I have to look them up....just kidding. I actually love to expand my vocabulary. I have to compliment you on this post. It is the most loving post on the election that I have seen yet. I think this election is wearing me down the most of any. I'm tired of the mud slinging...from both sides. Truly I am still undecided. It's either Obama, Nader or None of the Above.......

But thanks for reminding me not to judge my brother and sister for their choice. I am responsible for my conscience, not theirs.


Dog snob said...

A friend and I were talking this weekend and he mentioned how much more violent this election seems to be. People attacking each other more and people even pretending to be physically attacked by the other side. It's scary and sad really, and regardless of who wins, this path can't lead to anything positive unless it's to realize how unstable things are.

Brenda said...

Wow, this stirred emotion in me and was beautifully put. You have such a mature attitude about this subject and definitely godly wisdom. Thank you for that. I agree with lorna about some of the words you use. Many times I've had to look them up. lol! No matter what the outcome of this election, I will be reminding myself that God is on the throne ruling and reigning. That gives me peace and hope. God bless you Bub

Todd said... proud of you! What a great post; very mature!

daphne said...

thanks for the reminder that is it not Christ like to want to kick people in the throat.
Amen, amen & AMEN!!!

Christy said...

I agree this is a great post. I appreciate your transparency. I also appreciate the kinds words you gave to me on my blog; they were very encouraging. My mom didn't leave my a car, but I have all of her jewelry. I wear something of hers everyday to help me feel like she's still with me.