Thursday, July 26, 2007

Final Table

I had the day off yesterday so I cruised up to Viejas to play in the $20 limit tournament they have every Wednesday morning. Got there about 8:30, checked in and sat down to some $3-6 action. They have a cool little promo if you get there that early. If you play for an hour you get $5 off your entry fee, a $10 dollar voucher if you go to the river in a live hand at the cash game and an extra $1,000 in starting chips for the tourney. It's a great deal and I like warming up with a little live action. I played my usual tight-aggressive game and I was up like $10 before having to take my seat for the tournament.

The tournament started off well for me. I had the chip lead at my table after the first 3 levels. The levels go up every 15 minutes. I scooped a couple of monster pots and collected 5 bounties (they pay $5 bounties for every player that you knock out). My table broke and I was moved to a table where I was about in the middle as far as chip counts go. I also went card dead. I was blinding off chips to about half of what I came to the table with. I semi-bluffed on a low pair and a straight draw against the small and big blinds they folded and I was safe. I was still card dead but was able to limp myself to the final table with 2 chips. 1 through 10 get paid, I just made it. 4 hands later 3 people had gone out, I had moved up to 6th and got blinded out. It paid $105. I ended up giving $60 dollars back to the damn one armed bandits (actually no armed bandits). I dragged myself out of there, came home, and took my baby out to a nice delicious Sizzler dinner. We be high-rolling. Actually, my steak was perfect and Letty enjoyed her teryaki steak, chicken and shrimp. All in all a good poker day off.

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jusdealem said...

You have a very interesting story. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the link. I'll return the favor. Congrats on being sober and finding God! Good luck!