Thursday, February 26, 2009

A small plea for Compassion

I'm going to have to start posting again. I don't want to be put in the "blogatical" category. Seems as if everyone is going on some kind of break from blogging. Carlos, Anne Jackson, even Heidi at Candid Chatter. Soooo, maybe I'll blog a little more to make up for their lost voices.

It's funny how Satan works. He knows where my pride and ego are. He knows where I'll normally stop relying on help from God and the people he puts into my life. He knows that I want to be able to declare myself "self-sufficient" without the need of help from anyone. That's a real bad place for me to be. When things are rough, especially financially, I have a tendency to shut up and try to figure out a way around it. I would never ask for help. I can figure it out by myself.

That's why I love the spiritual principle of tithing. It makes me totally rely on God instead of leaving myself to my own devices. It makes me take some kind of "ownership" interest in my church. I feel that when I'm tithing it really is "my" church, my family's spiritual home. What's awesome is that God hasn't let us down. No one in my house is going hungry, the bills are somewhat paid, and we have a roof over our head.

It's also making me reach out to you. The people that read this blog. To do something that I totally hate to do. Which is ask for some help. Not for me necessarily. To help someone I really care about. My Compassion Child. Rahma from Tanzania.

We have barely been getting by financially. The last couple of months I've been able to keep my commitment to her but this month I haven't been able to figure a way to do it. I know that it's only $32 a month. If I could figure out where to get it from without asking for help I would do it. I still wouldn't ask for help but I think God is leading me to do this. To put down my ego. To swallow my pride. To let others do what I can't. As hard as that is to admit.

The old me would have let her go. Cut her loose. Push her off on to someone else. That not what the new me is going to do. I'm going to figure out how to help this girl. Even if it means, gulp! asking for help. I don't care if I have to beg for $32 a month every month for the rest of my commitment to her.

So Rahma is now going to be God, Me, and Poker's kid. I'm going to figure out a way that you can give money to her. If anyone has suggestions let me know. Any money that you give will go straight to Rahma's Compassion account. She writes the most beautiful letters also. I'll put them on here for you to read. I'll put her picture up so you can see what a beautiful little girl you are helping. So that you can see how His Compassion reaches across the world.

Anyways, do God a favor. Help me give Rahma a hand up. He'll most assuredly appreciate it. He wants to show me and you His love for all of His children.

This might help facilitate things for the time being. If you want to write a check, money order, or send cash Here's where you can send it.

Paul Stevens
4250 Parks Ave. #16
La Mesa CA 91941

I'm looking in to getting a paypal account set up as well. Their site was enormously slow this morning so I'll take another crack at it right now. Thanks again.

OK, here's the paypal button. Hopefully it should work. I'm not a genius at these things. Thanks again again.

I think this is my most edited post ever. I forgot one more thing. If you can't contribute anything don't feel bad. I wouldn't be able to either right now. Just do me one more small favor. Pray for Rahma. She's such a great kid. I love her to pieces. Oh, and maybe a prayer or two for me and my family. We could use them as well.


I Whisper to God said...

Maybe you could set up a paypal account specifically for Rahma's purpose and pay your monthly contribution from that. I have given in this way to charitable fundraisers before. I am ready right now to help out Rahma. So when you get it figured out, let me know.

I bet Rahma get's more help from your simple plea than either you or she expect. That's humble.

Todd said...

Bub - Great, FANTASTIC post! Come see me on Sunday for my family's contribution to Rahma's family.


Kevin Brangwynne said...


Great post / idea! Little strapped for cash right now ourselves due to a loss of income, but that doesn't mean we can't conribute something, even if my prideful self would consider it too small to make a difference. The truth is those small contributions add up quick! Bless you for what you're doing here...I think it's awesome!


PS You've got my prayers as well...

Lise said...


I think your asking for help really beautiful. I will send something in the mail. I get ashamed when what I can contribute is small; yet all it would take is 7 people giving $5.00 and then you have the money you need. So I remind myself - every puzzle piece is valid.