Friday, February 27, 2009

Here she is!

Are you ready? Here's the most recent picture that I have received of her. Isn't she beautiful? Her letters are even better. I'm going to try to transcribe one on here.

This was the first picture we received of her. Can ya see why she's so wonderful? What a doll!

Here's my transcription of the first response letter we got from her!

Dear Paul Stevens,

Rahma greets you she says praise the Lord Jesus! She says she is fine together with her family and continuing wel with their daily activities. She asks is your family fine?

She says that she thanks you so much for your prayers for she is continuing well with her daily school studies together with the Bible studies she is studying on Saturday at the central.

She continues to say that she thanks you so much for the good letter you sent her. She says she was very happy to know your family also she was very happy to get information that you are living in San Diego city, she says may God bless you so much for your love.

She says that the weather condition here now in lringa is rain then they have start to prepare the fields and grow different crops. She says she loves you so much and she would be happy if one day you will come to their home. Lastly she says be blessed with the Lord.


How's that for a letter! Can you see why I can't just turn away? I want to thank everyone that's given so far, whether it's through money or prayer. God is so blessing you for giving this wonderful child a chance. God loves you and so do I!


Kevin Brangwynne said...

Hey Bub,

She is a beauty! Just a might want to consider putting your little Pay Pal "thingy" off to the side with an explanation for future contributions. Heck, I hit the change jars last night and came up with a bit more myself! This is a really good thing your doing! My wife and I have sponsored a World Vision Kid and one with HIS Ministries in Tecate for a while now...very rewarding! Money gets tight sometimes, but where there is a will, there's a way (spare change, recycling, garage sale, whatever!) God bless you man and keep up the awesome stuff (you inspire me!)


Brenda said...

Awww, this is so sweet. How awesome if someday you could go visit her. She is a cutie and I hope along with you and the help of others that she'll continue to be sponsored.

I just got a second letter from the little girl, Mercy, that I sponsor in Kenya, Africa. It made me feel a little guilty that it's been too long since I've written her. I'm going to pray about helping you out. Things are tight financially with us also, but I'd love to help if I can.

Hope I didn't make you feel bad about not blogging. I wasn't being mean... just teasing you in fun. Hope you know that. I really enjoy reading everything you write. Definitely praying for you.

Haley said...

If you really dig my blog, please remove it from the list of blogs for which you appropriating the news feeds. I am totally not cool with that, as the duplication causes me to incur Google penalties and damages my page rank.

bub said...

Who knew? I took you off. Your Haley's blog, the xml version right? Sorry about that.