Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Words vol. 2

A whole lot of nothing going on here. Doing a lot of reading, playing some online poker, sleeping and working. I'm thinking about picking up my guitar and start playing for at least a half an hour a day. I want to get back to performance level again. You have to start somewhere.

God and I are doing splendidly. I've been reading his book and man, can He tell a story. I'm in the beginning of Exodus, as a matter of fact I'm at the point where Pharaoh and his army have just gone for a swim in the Red Sea. AS if that scene isn't the setup for every Tom & Jerry and Roadrunner episode I have ever seen. mee-meep!

At Journey we have started a new series called The Other Joseph. I'm enjoying it since I just got out of the end of Genesis a couple of weeks ago. I'm not talking about Invisible Touch, I mean the first chapter of The Bible. Joseph's story is about a guy who keeps really taking some tough shots early in life but doesn't leave him embittered. I would think that it would be easy to let the situations and circumstances of our lives swallow us up. Joseph wouldn't allow this to happen to him. He knew that God had a plan for him and stayed the course.

I'd love to play some live poker sometime in the next couple of months. We have just been broke as heck and I can't be off playing poker for real money. God's taking care of us though. It's amazing what can happen when I put my trust in Him. I am playing online for pennies and at least it keeps me busy. My tournament action has been atrocious but I've been doing well in the cash games. I think I need to dial back my aggression in tournaments a little. My middle tournament play is really something to be desired. I need to tighten up a bit.

Kids are all in school now. Faith and Precious are in Kindergarten. Grace is in 4th. Beckah is in 7th and Kassie started high school. Rachel is working full time over at Long's and is doing a great job raising my little grandson Jeremiah. It's always nice when all the kids are doing well.

OK, I probably could look this up on the Internets, but here's my question.

What's God's deal with unleavened bread?


KenP said...

Nothing cryptic. When Moses said it was time to get out of Dodge, there wasn't time to let the bread finish rising. So, they cooked it up as is for the journey.

bub said...

Thanks Ken, they just didn't have time for the yeast to rise. Alright. btw Thanks for always checking in on me, it's much appreciated. I check out your pokerworks site all the time, just haven't left a comment.

Brenda said...

guitar- glad you're practicing. Please let me know if your band ever has a gig around town. I'm really liking your music.

kids- sounds like you have been blessed with a wonderfully large family!

unleavened bread- Did a study on Moses a couple years ago. This was a good explanation for me: Leaven is yeast."Yeast is mentioned most often in scripture to symbolize impurity or the influence of evil. For seven days God's people were to remove all evidence of yeast from their homes. This act was to demonstrate the removal of sin that silently permeates and pollutes people's lives". (Ex.12:14-28)

Sorry this is so long. God bless.