Thursday, April 24, 2008

My First Mookie

I finally put some money on full tilt last night. I've been on a major blog reading craze lately and couldn't resist the urge to play against the people that I have been reading about for the last year. As ghey as this is probably going to sound, it was pretty exciting. Listening to Buddydank radio as you're playing in the tournament is pretty awesome, even if the one time I heard my name called he pronounced it "boob" instead of bub as in "tub". Still, it was awesome just to get the chance to play with everyone. I had katiemother to my right for a little bit. I'm sure she didn't know who I was but I knew who she was. I sucked out a few hands and was playing OK until I started watching American Idol after the second break. First hand after the second break I wasn't paying attention, I just saw that LJ had pushed all in and I looked down at AKs so I pushed. I'm not sure (because I wasn't paying attention) if the person to the left of me pushed after me or had already gone in, I just realized I wasn't heads up against LJ. She showed KQ, the other person had JJ and neither me or her improved and we were out 31st and 30th. Anyways, it was an absolute blast, will definitely do it again.

This afternoon I decided to try out one of the 90 person sng's with the KO's. Is that what they call them? I'm not sure but I did pretty well.

I hope this works I've never tried it before. Anyways I came in 2nd. Not bad for my first one.

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