Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Little Poker Content

I think that this may be one of the poorest times of my life, financially speaking. Although I am rich in many other ways, actual cash isn't among them. I'm cool though. I'm eating and the lights are on and the rent is paid and of course I still have the Internet. I just don't have any doing anything else money, which I'm not used to. That means as far as poker action goes, I'm low rolling online. I mean LOW rolling. Yes, the dreaded Pokerstars Freeroll tournaments. Full Tilt also. OK, OK, even Ultimate Bet. What can I say, I need some action.

Last night I made a big score on Pokerstars. They are having a freeroll Summer Games kinda thingy. USA vs. Canada. I'm not sure of all the details. The top 250 in the tournament win $5.00. That's right, you heard it here first, Five Dollars in cold hard cash! Well, Internet cash anyway. The top 50 move on to the next round of the qualifying on the 31st. It was limit hold 'em which is my game. I ended up cashing in 53rd. Three from the next round, but I got me my five dollars! That's literally days of poker playing goodness if I work it right. I've already bumped it up to OVER $6!!!!!!!!

Truthfully, if I can be satisfied just playing micro stakes and work myself up the ladder it could last me for awhile. It's definitely better than putting my own hard earned cash in. I think we'll keep track of what happens with this five dollars. Just to keep me accountable. Let's see. After playing some $ .02/.04 limit poker this morning I am up to $6.06. As my friend Daphne would say, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout baby!!!!!

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daphne said...

AWWWW! A shout out! You just made my day. And please check in at least once a week. Especially now that I had to evacuate my home and have little to do but surf the net. And since I am being bosy, when you type up that testimony for your baptism (YEAH, baby!) you should put it here. I so want to side hug you right now but I am full of poison ivy and grouchy so leg drops it is! Grace & Peace Bub (& Mrs. Bub!!-I love couple babtisms. So stinkin sweet!)