Saturday, June 21, 2008

The cast is off.

At least while I am at the house. at work, I'm still using it because I'm afraid that I will re break it doing something stupid as I'm known to do. I don't always use the best judgement. Unbelievable, no? Life's been going pretty well lately. My two middle daughters have been calling and texting frequently and it's been awesome getting to know them even if it's from afar. My youngest daughter Grace and I have a standing date on Sundays to go to church together and hang out afterword so that is awesome as well. It's been pretty quiet on the Rachel (my oldest) front but I check out her myspace page frequently and it doesn't seem like there is anything major happening there.

Pokerwise, I haven't been doing much at all. I won a UB freeroll tournament against about 4500 others which earned me a grand total of $9 lol. 5 hours for $9. I guess it's the principle of the thing? Hmmm, not sure. Went up to Viejas on Wednesday for my first live tournament since January. Never really got going and was out after the second color-up. About 2 hands into it.

Letty and I have been doing well. Not fighting or arguing nearly as much as we had been doing the months prior. We are both beginning to trust each other a little more. Did I mention how good it feels to be typing this? I might be typing a lot more just to get my hand dexterity back to point. It's a pretty wild break. They call it a boxer's break. It's the metacarpal on my pinkie. On my left hand. I'm left handed. Sigh. I'm a little scared to use it too much.

NA convention is happening this weekend in San Diego but I probably won't make it down there. The San Diego Convention is weird because there is really no place to hang out and talk. It's just go to a meeting, stand outside, smoke 'em if you got 'em if you smoke 'em (I don't), then go back inside for the next meeting. It's cool because you see people there that you only get to see once a year. If I didn't have to go to work I probably would have gone but by the time I wake up there won't be any time. So off to work I go.

That's about it, I hope I can really start writing on this thing. I was a much more prolific writer when I was loaded than I am now. That goes for blogging and music. I wonder why that is? I think part of it is that I am wrapped too tight when I am not getting loaded. It's hard for me to dig underneath all my defenses when I'm clean. I'll just keep trying and leave the results up to God. How about that?

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